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  • upkeep of the Scole village  

  • street lighting

  • commenting on planning applications

  • the war memorial

  • the parish notice boards

  • Bins, litter, grit & dog

  • General maintenance around the village

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The Parish Council is responsible for:​
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Welcome to Scole Parish

The Scole Parish Council comprises 11 members, elected every 4 years. The Parish of Scole  consists of five communities,  Scole, Billingford, Thelveton, Frenze, Waterloo and Thorpe Parva and represents approximately 1,400 residents. 

Diss & District Neighbourhood Plan set to empower local community in planning matters ...

Following an independent examination, South Norfolk Council and Mid Suffolk District Council have issued a Decision Statement relating to the Diss & District Neighbourhood Plan, approving that the Plan should proceed to a referendum, subject to the specified modifications.


This multi-parish, cross-county boundary Neighbourhood Plan has been prepared by a volunteer group, working on behalf of Diss Town Council and the surrounding parishes of Burston & Shimpling, Roydon and Scole (in South Norfolk), and Brome & Oakley, Palgrave and Stuston (in Mid Suffolk). The Plan has been prepared in consultation with residents and other stakeholders.


The Plan sets a framework for future development in this multi-parish area up to 2038 and, if successful, will be one of the main considerations in determining planning applications in the area, alongside the relevant Local Plan.


The referendum will allow local electors to vote on whether they wish to see the Neighbourhood Plan implemented or not. Further details of the referendum will be issued once a date has been announced.


Notice of Decision 

Notice of Referendum

For more information visit the South Norfolk Council website

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